Dear Valued Client,

PU Prime will be upgrading its MT4/MT5 servers starting from 11 March 2023 00:00 hrs. (GMT+2) until 12 March 2023 24:00 hrs. (GMT+3).

Access to MT4/MT5 accounts will not be available during the server upgrading period.
All orders would not be executed during the server upgrading above

Gentle Reminder:
Deposit, withdrawal, data searching functions and account opening applications would still be available. We recommend clients make proper arrangements in advance.

Cryptocurrency market will also be closed during the server upgrade.

Once the upgrade has been completed on 12 March 2023, server time will be
changed from GMT+2 to GMT+3 and access to MT4/MT5 servers will be restored.

If you have any questions or require any assistance, please contact our Customer Care Team via Live Chat, email: [email protected], or phone +1 844 200 0168.